Insider’s Guide To Build Links To Your Site From Marketing Influencers

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Do you know what SEO experts spend a great deal of time doing?

SEO experts spend time speculating about what Google wants.

It’s true.

They write in forums, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups, for example, about how to achieve dominance on Google.

I can tell you what Google wants:

Many links pointing to your site and quality content.

Is this post over?


Quality content is easy to come up with.

If your company can afford a team of professional writers or to outsource to freelancers, this part of the SEO equation is a piece of cake.

SEO equation

The more difficult part of genuinely mastering SEO and getting links to your site involves others.

According to Google, other people need to link to your site for your visibility in search engines to rise.

They can’t be any people. They have to be people with such quality websites, such a high Domain Authority score, that your Domain Authority will rise, and in turn, your search engine visibility.

Is this post going to tell you how to build links to your site from just anyone?


This post will tell you how to build links to your site from marketing influencers.

How To Build Links To Your Site From Marketing Influencers

Site From Marketing Influencers

1. Mention influencers in your posts. Let them know you mentioned them either in an email or through Twitter. Ask them to retweet your post. If they do, and your traffic improves, this could favorably affect your SEO rankings.

If you need to, create content around long-tail keywords that influencers are associated with.

If there is low competition for readership on the internet, you’ll boost your SEO by boosting traffic as well as beating the online competition.

2. Guest post for influencers. Make sure you’re allowed a link in your bio back to your site.

3. Create link-worthy content that influencers will want to share with their audience. Influencers shared my expert round-up interview with readers on

4. Include the influencer in an expert roundup interview or individual interview. Many influencers will list the interviews they’ve been included in on their About Me page and link to your site.

5. Ask the other participants of the expert roundup if they would link to the post. You’ll build links to your site from them as well. Odds are probable that many will agree.

Ask The Other Participants

6. Spend time where influencers spend time. Influencers spend time in many places online: Reddit subReddits, Facebook groups, forums for serious bloggers and marketers. Of all these places, I’d recommend LinkedIn. Several LinkedIn forums include marketing; some are exclusively devoted to digital marketing.

You can engage with the influencers by commenting on their posts. You’re also allowed to leave your own link in LinkedIn forums. This will build your Google power and let other influencers learn about your content that way in case they want to cite your work in a post and link to you.

7. Build relationships with the influencers in other ways. For example, share influencers’ tweets on Twitter. When they want to conduct an expert roundup, they may remember you. If they include you, you’ll get a link from their authority site.

8. Comment on influencers’ websites. Not only will it further let the influencer learn about you, but you’ll get a link to your site from their blog. Check to see if the influencer has Comment Luv. Links from sites with Comment Luv will provide more “Google juice” than those without.

9. Collaborate with influencers. Remember Google’s second request? You need to create quality content. Marketing influencers know how to do this. They’ve already mastered the art of storytelling in order to enhance marketing copy.

In addition to pleasing Google with your awesome content, the marketer should link to your site in the byline of the content as a co-creator. Another reason to partner with a marketing influencer relates to a third criterion Google likes.

Google likes to show search engine users posts with a variety of media. Video combined with text definitely qualifies. Many marketing influencers often post videos.

Collaborate with influencers

10. Write a testimonial for an influencer. Marketing influencers will convince consumers of their authenticity with testimonials. Linking to you will provide credibility to your testimonial. They should rush to publish your testimonial on their website.

11. Now that you know how to build inbound links to your site from marketing influencers, you need to know which influencers to choose.

This article already explained you need to pick influencers from websites with a higher Domain Authority ranking than yours.

If you go to Hubshout[1], put in the name of the influencer’s website, and you’ll discover their Domain Authority ranking. Hubshout even allows you to compare several websites at the same time.

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In conclusion

Many articles explain how to build links. This post explained how to get inbound links from influencers who have high authority sites. Getting a link from a site higher than yours will improve your SEO.

A link from a high-authority site such as an influencer’s site will definitely boost your SEO and ultimately search engine traffic and sales.

Link building is not a tip. It is an art. If you follow the steps in this article, you will have mastered it.

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