Facebook Advertising – Most Efficient Ways To Advertise Online

Facebook Advertising

Many of you may know how Facebook has changed their algorithm for Facebook pages. If you didn’t know you probably noticed some decrease in your Facebook page engagements, likes and shares.

In August 2017 Social Media Today reported[1] that since January 2017 the organic reach of Facebook page brands went down 20%. It had been going done since 2013.

It is now less than 5% of your audience that will see your posts from your Facebook page once they have liked your page or have followed it.

Facebook Pages For Brands

Facebook Pages For BrandsFacebook Pages For Brands

When Facebook first came out with Pages small businesses flocked to them, so they didn’t have to share their business services or products with their family and friends on their personal family Facebook accounts. Family and friends were tired of seeing their posts about this product or that service.

The Facebook pages also gave these businesses the opportunity to try out their Facebook ads along with their post boosts.

Many business owners did not jump on the opportunity. After all, they thought social media was supposed to be free to use.

But who was paying for Facebook to maintain all their services and products? It wasn’t the users. Everyone by the millions and then billions joined for FREE.

That’s when Facebook got smart and realized they had to charge for advertising on their platform. It only meant perfect business sense.

The Different Types Of Facebook Promotions And Ads

The Different Types Of Facebook Promotions And Ads

Many businesses owners think they can boost their regular boosts for a few dollars and it will go a long way. In theory, it will but in reality, it really won’t.

It only will reach those that have liked their page and maybe their friends.

Why Facebook Ads Are Different Than Boosts?

According to a Facebook team member “Boosting a post sends that post from your Page’s wall to other people who may be interested in it, based on your targeting. Creating an ad is similar except that you can send posts to people’s newsfeeds that encourage them to Like your Page, go to your website, or interact with one of your posts just like a boosted post. ”

Therefore, your reach is far greater with an actual Facebook ad vs. a Facebook post boost. That’s an actual big difference.

Of course, to have a greater response, one must spend a little more money. It’s like any other form of advertising. It’s a marketing expense today.

One tidbit to keep in mind: Most Facebook pages only allow for 25 characters on the headline and 90 total character count. These rest of the ads consist of images.

There are different size image requirements for the different types of Facebook ads available today. (And they are subject to change too!)

Different Types of Facebook Advertising

 Different Types Of Facebook Ads

  • Carousel style ads – These Facebook ads show 3-5 images and/or videos, headlines and links or CTAs in one space—the audience can scroll through the ads horizontally on a desktop or vertically on mobile.
  • Page Post Engagement – These types of Facebook ads are geared to increasing engagement on your posts.
  • Page Likes– With these type of Facebook ads you can target a demographic for more page likes. You can pick via an area nearby or worldwide. You can choose from age groups, interests, likes and job titles.
  • Brand Awareness – Generate interest in your products or service. That is the sole purpose of this type of an ad. You must be repetitive for this type of marketing to work! This helps create an interest so people will look for more information about your brand.
  • Link Click – Links from the Facebook ads are the most common type of marketing on Facebook. They will send people to a landing page or a special page of your website. Make sure they make sense as to where you are sending them.
  • Lead Generation – Form fills are the basis of lead generation type of Facebook ads. They serve as a way for you to collect email addresses.
  • Store Visits – Store visits are huge today for brick and mortar businesses. The purpose of these ads is generating store traffic with special offers. You can target people within a certain mile radius of your location as well as by their interests or demographics.
  • Video ads – These type of Facebook ads is great for storytelling about a brand. Maybe something about the behind the scenes look of the making of a product. Or how a brand got started in business.
  • Instagram Ads – With your Facebook ad manager you can also use it to make Instagram ads for the Instagram social network. These will target a younger audience and work very well as the engagement there on Instagram is higher than Facebook[2].

Why You Still Need A Facebook Page Today?

Still Need A Facebook Page Today

You will still need to have Facebook page today as many people do searches on Facebook for business. It also makes your business appear much more professional[3] than if you don’t have a page at all.

Be sure to completely fill out all your businesses info in the bio and story section of a Facebook page. You can add a shop button or contact button to make it easy for folks to reach you via Facebook anytime from anywhere.

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In conclusion on Facebook ads for Facebook Pages

Nowadays companies must decide on a Facebook marketing budget to be sure to reach these massive and dynamic audience. Social media is free to be social on, but for marketing, there is a cost – an investment for your business.


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