9 Best Successful Influencer Marketing Trends of 2017

influencer marketing trends

Trends are everything when it comes to capturing and maintaining customers. It is also essential in achieving success as a person, a business entity or firm. However, even with the right trends at hand, without your customers’ trust and loyalty, it would be difficult to make sales or have influence. This is where influencer marketing comes in. Over the year, influencer marketing trends have continuously made top news in every marketing site online.

Influencers have quite a huge following and credibility in the eyes of their followers. Having a partnership with such a figurehead guarantees brand protection and ensures customers trust, retention, and loyalty.

In addition, influencers offer you the chance to engage your followers and gain an essential information in ensuring business continuity. This is quite a huge step for any entity. However, it is complicated to become a successful enterprise. You need to know, understand and use the current trends that customers are aware of as a strategy.

Here are some of the successful influence trends that will assist you in becoming successful.

Successful Influencer Marketing Trends

1. Influence Vs Paychecks

It is important to identify and know what is important to an influencer. Is it the paycheck you are offering or potential increase in their influence capabilities? Determine which one is more valuable an item to them and ensure you have it at hand.

In this case, influencers are more concerned about the influence they have over people. Their value is then related to influence and having an influence on people is your greatest gift to an influencer. Letting them tap into the business resources in specific networks, increases popularity and brings in more money.

2. Micro Influencers

ProvenSEO defines them as the most important content producers for trading and other economic activities. In the near future, they will become the major social and economic influencers in the world. They attract, engage and determine the brand of a business within a short while. However, businesses tend to search for high profile people and influencers. It is a tremendous route but they should not forget of the essentiality involved in including micro influencers in their plans.

Micro Influencers

3. Paid/Unpaid Influencer Marketing

Currently, influencers are being paid for the services they offer business and for advocating for certain brands, products or services. This will soon change due to the diversity that seems to be rising in relation to content, especially on online publications. The higher distribution processes for content has further expanded the options.

An increase in unpaid influencers is the trend that will be trusted in the future. This is because they are more trustworthy and genuinely offer the right information.

4. Transparency and Authenticity

In the near future, influencers will be required to disclose their earnings to the public. Endorsing a certain product will be displayed publicly. Finding an influencer that supports or likes a specific brand will be difficult and therefore care must be taken not to align the business with an influencer who can do anything for money. Look for originality, transparency and authentic influencers.

5. Influencer Relations

Developing a team to handle influencer relations is the next big thing. Similar to customer relations, influencers will need a team to manage their transactions with the business and ensuring the success and profitability of the venture. It will also give a competitive edge to the business.

Influencer Relations

6. Influencer Evaluation Measurements

Assessing the business both qualitatively and quantitatively will be an essential factor of the business. The influencer’s ability to boost the business brands, services and products will also be evaluated using the same platform.

Every element concerned with online marketing has to be considered including linkages, brand-advocating processes, partnerships formed, traffic generated etc.

7. Artificial Intelligence

ProvenSEO indicates that it is one of the leading technological advancements and the future of every industry. Having the right technology by your side will be essential in making valuable evaluations. Artificial Intelligence is definitely the best strategy with data management, large information analysis and best foundations for decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence

8. Locality

Utilize the local influencers who understand the locality and needs of their people. With traditional marketing turning out to be a waste of time, native marketing is the only means to up the business game.

Local influencers will make this true for you and furthermore, they can identify with the target population for your products, services or brands.

9. Maintaining Influencer Relations

Over time, influencer marketing trends has continued to grow and ProvenSEO projects the growth will increase in the future. It is, therefore, to use influencers as long lasting partnerships as their services will become fundamental with time.


Author: Azhar

Azhar is a senior writer at ProvenSEO Blog, focused on covering SEO, SEM, and influencer marketing. He loves to talk about digital marketing and business development. He can be reached at azhar@provenseo.com