Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities: 4 Easy Steps to Follow

Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities

Money has become the main issue in every activity that people partake. Even bloggers are now looking for ways in which to monetize their blogs. In fact, blog posts are now being sponsored and many of these kinds of blogs can be seen online today. If thinking of monetizing your blog posts or acquiring sponsored opportunities for you blog posts, don’t be intimidated by the lengthy processes or competition observed. Furthermore, there are quite many options at your disposal to ensure that you adequately monetize or your posts are sponsored.

Even with the sponsorship opportunities being quite many, it is impossible to cope and make use of them. It is important to get the best opportunities and to understand that failure means you keep on trying. With the numerous opportunities out there, you need to know the processes used in acquiring sponsored post opportunities for any specific blog. This is why ProvenSEO has come up with this procedure to help you in your quest.

Identify media firms and closely work with them

For any sponsored blog, this is the first and major step for the blogger. Media firms are quite many and therefore you have to identify the most pertinent ones. As a person looking for a job, the first most important step is to apply, the same happens for bloggers. Apply and await your letter of acceptance. If not, do not give up, keep sending your applications to the different available firms and one of them is bound to accept your blog and sponsor your posts.

Identify firms that sell products or brands that are similar to your blog theme

Sponsored blog posts do not only come in form of money or cash. Some firms may offer other services in order to sponsor a post. Identify those firms that have brands that rhyme with your blog and send brief but informative blog pitches. Specifically those firms that are looking forward to expand and grow their media presence especially in marketing will form the best targets for sponsored blogs. In order to be brief but informative in your pitches, here are some tips from ProvenSEO.

  • Clearly indicate your name, that of the blog and ensure that they are hyperlinked.
  • Be selective in your choices and do not apply to all the opportunities presented as it degrades your virtue as a blog.
  • Compliment the business you are applying to briefly.
  • Explain the theme of the blog, main areas you specialize and the type of content that is popular with your fans or readers. Give a summary of the blogs statistics.
  • Add blog links to your link stating what it is you can do for that specific firm.
  • At the very end, include your blog signature which should be composed of;
    • Blog name
    • Link to the blog
    • Address i.e. email
    • Social media contacts

Link your blog

Link your blog with social media and Blogging Communities

Where else can you find sponsored opportunities than in fellow blogging communities or the social media? Once you have opened your own blog, it is essential to know other bloggers around you and any blog around your area. Opportunities may be posted on these communities and many may be viable for you. In addition, the group may be a resource in that it can create a link between you and potential blog post sponsors. Remember, this groups or communities vet and approve you and your blog before you are accepted. Giving up is never an option, therefore keep trying.

Publishing blog posts

This is one of the most important factors when starting a blog and the main determinant of whether the posts will be sponsored or not. Posts shape your blog and give it a theme over time. It is fundamental for you to write and publish posts that you take pride in over time. The quality of the posts, images, suspense in stories told or making a post as interesting as possible makes it unique in the midst of other blogs. This means that you are more likely to be seen and firms going through blogging communities may select you to represent their products or brands.


ProvenSEO provides bloggers with information and a chance to understand these types of processes. Log in to acquire further information on these procedures on how to acquire the best-sponsored blog post opportunities.


Author: Azhar

Azhar is a senior writer at ProvenSEO Blog, focused on covering SEO, SEM, and influencer marketing. He loves to talk about digital marketing and business development. He can be reached at azhar@provenseo.com