How Content Marketing Grows Your Business

Content Marketing

Content marketing seems to be all the rage these days.

Gurus, newbies and all marketers in between stress how content marketing grows your business.


For starters, creating helpful content distances you from the crowd in your niche.

Content marketers can experience exponential business growth through their own steam.

But boosting profits through content marketing requires you to learn and hone specific skills to better connect with prospects.

Put in the time to create, publish and market content effectively and you will grow your business steadily over the long haul.

Changes Customer Perception Favorably

Customers and clients crave value.

Even before they buy your products or hire you they need to know that you can help them.

Prospective customers and clients buy into the freemium before buying the premium.

If you create content designed to address customer problems and target these individuals you earn their trust and set the table for a prospering business.

Most entrepreneurs try to squeeze money out of people without offering anything of value, struggling to grow their ventures.

Changes Customer Perception Favorably

Content marketers lead with value to be seen as valuable in the eyes of customers and clients.

Creators rise above the field of competition. Clever, creative marketers run laps around entrepreneurs in their niche because content marketers render immense service to their prospects.

Sharing helpful blog posts, videos, podcasts and courses is a simple way to earn the trust of your customers and clients.

People can go from cold to warm leads in a jiffy after reading an in-depth, thorough, helpful blog post that turns you into a niche authority in the eyes of your audience.

Quick to Ship

Seth Godin stresses the concept of shipping, or publishing, to grow your business.

Engaging in content marketing through a self-hosted WordPress blog helps you ship quickly. While other folks try to spread the word through static sites and more traditional, clunky, slow-moving methods, content marketers can create and publish blog posts quickly and easily.

Whether you’re podcasting, doing live broadcasts or blogging you have every tool at your disposal to publish content swiftly to follow trends and to meet the needs of your audience in timely fashion.

Quick to Ship

Leveraging Potential

Content marketers accelerate their business growth by expanding their digital footprint swifty.

After publishing a blog post you can convert the content into a:

  • Podcast
  • YouTube video
  • Facebook Live video
  • Infographic

Leveraging your presence across multiple channels grows your business while serving customers and clients through their channels of choice.

Market a single piece of content through various channels to reach a wider customer base.

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Enhances Creativity

Gone are the days where internet marketers dryly played a numbers game, pitching their business to any sentient being.

Internet savvy folks demand creative, innovative, valuable content served through various formats to make informed buying decisions.

Engaging in content marketing forces you to become creative. Whether you’re bootstrapping or hiring freelancers to outsource different elements of your campaign your enhanced creativity only augments your business venture.

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Author: Ryan Biddulph

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