5 Game Changing Ways To Intensify Your Content Marketing Game

content marketing game
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A powerful content marketing strategy goes a long way, cementing your bond with your clients as you explore new avenues in business. As a marketer, you should understand the value of developing a relationship with your customer base.

Informative articles and blogs nurture a company-client connection, strengthening the customer retainment of a company.

One of the core reasons behind the large-scale implementation of content marketing strategies is its high ROI, as compared to more traditional ones. Around 60% of business firms[1] generate at least one piece of content each day.

Content marketing involves a blend of creativity, technical knowledge, and marketing skills. The content has to be optimized for the utmost visibility, and if successfully implemented, it can deliver a higher rank in the search engine index for your website.

The number of platforms in cyberspace is increasing. You need to come up with content for your social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as blog posts and articles on off-site pages.

Here are five ways to boost your content marketing game when you market your product in a competitive business environment.

1) Develop Quality Content For Your Readers

Develop Quality Content For Your Readers

First, you will need to craft compelling content for your readers. Thought-provoking content engages your customers and drives their actions. And accurate and authentic information enhances the brand image of your company.

Customers rely on your brand when they find these posts beneficial. Business firms cater to the psychological needs of their customers through blogs that are relevant to them. You need to identify their problem areas and develop informative or ‘how to’ articles, which keep your readers engaged. Today, around 88% of marketers have implemented content marketing strategies[2] in their business.

A powerful blog penetrates deep into your target audience and enjoys millions of shares on social media platforms. Remember, your content should revolve around the interests of your readers.

Your primary focus should not be to develop hardcore sales-oriented content. Generate blogs that keep your brand connected to your customer base. You will also need to keep the blogs updated, as people develop a habit of checking in with certain websites at regular intervals for new posts.

When developing content, maintain a friendly tone to keep the customers tuned to your brand, while sticking to professional standards.

2) Identify Your Audience

Identify Your Audience

Now developing a content marketing strategy without identifying the audience is one of the greatest blunders a business can make. It is important to know the background, demography, requirements, psychological needs, purchasing power, and other details about your target customers before you craft your strategy.

But just ‘knowing’ your potential customer base is not enough. The secret behind a successful strategy is ‘understanding’ them. You need to gather extensive research to strengthen your strategy’s bottom line.

Successful brands establish individual personas for potential customers, and tailor their content accordingly. Understanding the motives and expectations of clients will help you project your content in the right direction. When it reaches the right group, your content enjoys maximum readability.

3) Repurposing The Content

Repurposing The Content

Content is precious, so make optimum use of your content by repurposing it. You can use the same content in various formats, which will cater to people with diverse tastes. Certain people are less inclined towards blogs. When you repurpose the content to present as a slideshow, it can engage those readers. Repurposing content also reduces costs substantially.

Tweak your content and use it on various platforms. However, make sure that it does not appear to be repetitive, as the same reader may come across the content on multiple platforms.

Experiment with format and presentation styles, integrate a few statistics when they are available, and deliver the repackaged materials to your customers.

Businesses come up with innovative strategies when repurposing their content. Creating infographics is one of the most effective ways of doing this. These are visually appealing, and you can cultivate variety by changing the format.

4) Distribute Your Content

Distribute Your Content

Your creativity and research are wasted if you cannot reach your customers. With the number of platforms increasing, it is crucial to come up with a specific type of content for each segment of your audience.

For instance, your LinkedIn posts should be more professional in tone than the ones you place on your Facebook pages. Twitter blogs are short and to-the-point. Other platforms, like Pinterest and Google, also channel your content to readers.

A study[3] revealed that in 2014, 53% of marketers were aware of the benefits of content distribution, while only 26% had actually invested in it. These figures have greatly increased in the last three years, and today, almost all businesses are coming up with blog posts for their customers.

Remember, your content does not reach its target customers on its own. You need to distribute it on the right platforms, keeping track of your customers. It is essential to create a plan, schedule posts, and keep readers updated with new feeds through articles and blogs.

5) Generate Evergreen Content

Generate Evergreen Content

One of the most effective ways to optimize your returns through content marketing is to generate evergreen content. Great articles and blogs are timeless, and they remain relevant to readers long after they are posted.

Successful content marketers choose themes that never grow old. You need to tweak these articles and blogs from time to time, and optimize them to retain their ranking on Google. Around 45% of marketers[4] consider blogging to be the most powerful content marketing strategy available.

You can create write-ups that inspire, motivate, and educate your audience, all at the same time. Focusing on articles and blogs can serve many purposes and help you reach your goals.

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Competition in cyberspace is on the rise and you need to devise an effective content marketing strategy to bolster your business.

In the digitized business infrastructure, the content on your website should go the extra mile, informing and educating readers, rather than simply selling products. An effective strategy will strengthen your business, giving it an edge over your competitors.

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