10 Smart Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

The blog is a great way to express yourself, write about your passions, or dedicate it to a certain niche such as health and lifestyle, fitness, and so on. Long gone are the days when blogs had the purpose of public, virtual journals that people updated on a daily basis. Nowadays, both big and small companies also use this way of posting in a bid to establish a strong online presence and navigate traffic to their website. Regardless of the purpose of a blog, whether it belongs to an individual or company, promotion is the key. You can’t post it and hope someone will come by. Fortunately, with the evolution of social media websites, it became easy to promote blogs and increase traffic. This post will show you a few tips and tricks to bear in mind.

1. Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog (If You Haven’t Already)

Having a separate Facebook (fan) page for a blog is always a great idea and you should, definitely, do it if you haven’t already. This is a quite practical way to reach more people, update them about the blog and other topics, and thus increase traffic on your blog. Invite your friends to like the page and ask them to send invites to other people. Facebook offers a great feature that allows you to pay, a few dollars only, to promote your page by making it more visible to a larger group of people. The more fans you gather on the page, the more clicks on your blogs.

2. Add Blog Links To Social Media Profiles

If you already have a blog to promote your business (or basically anything) or you’re about to set it up, a great way to promote it is to add a blog link to all social media profiles.You can incorporate platforms such as Proven SEO, which is a leading influencer marketing and sponsored content platform. They work with the industry’s leading brands such as Elite daily, Wearable technology, Beliefnet, etc. Their agencies offer brands a competitive advantage in search engines by providing high links to their websites. They amplify the work of brands that deserve to be known. This is through leveraging connections, influencer outreach, and social connectivity. The chances are high you have accounts on multiple websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. As you already know, each of these social platforms allows you to include a link to your website. That’s the perfect spot for the blog link, that way, whoever visits your profile can click on the link and reach your blog.

3. Schedule Tweets

Schedule Tweets

Just because you have to use maximum 140 characters for each tweet, it doesn’t mean Twitter is out of option for blog promotion. In fact, it can be a great tool. You can use different parts of blog content and attach the link. Schedule four or five tweets to get published throughout the day. This method will diversify your feed and demonstrate the authority in the area of expertise. Plus, your followers won’t be annoyed because they’d get to see different content each time. Most people make mistake by using the same sentence (or just a title with the link) over and over again.

P.S. you can schedule posts on the blog’s Facebook page too, but make sure the post contains the link to the blog or some specific post.

4. Promote Blog Via Pinterest

Unfortunately, Pinterest is usually overlooked when it comes to blog promotion since it primarily focuses on pinning images. The reality is that you can use these pinned images to promote your blog or a particular post. You can create separate pin boards for different topics you discuss on your blog, also, when you’re pinning an image from a certain post, you can highlight a certain part of the content as well. To make the most out of blog content on Pinterest, enable Rich Pins on blogging platform or website. Why? It’s because Rich Pins contain more text than the regular ones.

5. Join Facebook Promo Groups

Facebook provides endless options to get more people visit your blog and joining different promo groups is one of them. Just enter “blog promotion” term and browse groups, you’ll see a multitude of results. These groups have thousands of members. Some groups allow you to post a link to the blog directly in the group, while others create special threads with different purposes such as subscriptions, comments, likes, shares, even collaborations. You post a link in the comment section and, usually, have to comment/like/share a certain number of posts in the thread. This can be quite fun and it’s a highly effective way of generating more blog traffic.

6. #HashtagIt

Who says you can’t promote the blog on Instagram? Besides blog link in the bio section, you can also upload photos and use hashtags to make sure your posts are visible to a larger group of people. It’s all about “getting it out there”. Plus, Twitter and Facebook also allow you to use hashtags, just don’t overdo it, keep it classy and relevant to the topic.

7. Use Linkedin Groups

The best way to promote your blog on LinkedIn is to share the content in relevant LinkedIn groups. All you have to do is to find groups that are relevant to the niche you’re writing about or related to services you provide. But, don’t use these groups to promote your posts only. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with other people from the same industry, exchange ideas, and so on. This can only be good for you as it allows you to improve the quality of your content.

8. Promote Blog on Google+

Just like LinkedIn and Facebook have groups, Google+ has communities which connect users who share similar interests. On the main page, you can check the most popular Google+ communities or you can browse and explore until you find the community that seems like a perfect fit. Ask to join the community and once your request is approved, promote your blog, and as always connect with other people.

9. Make It Engaging

Every social media website allows you to share your blog, but instead of simply clicking the share button or copying/pasting the title, make it more engaging. You can ask a question or feature an intriguing quote from the post that will make readers click and read.

10. Host Contests

One of the most effective ways to generate more blog traffic is to host a contest, the reward can be just about anything, services or products you provide, or something else you can think of. Promote the contest on all social media websites you’re using. You can create a requirement that only those who share or subscribe to your blog are eligible for the reward. Securing a reward for the winner is nothing comparing to the benefits you’ll get from generated traffic that keeps growing.


Everyone can have a blog and even earn money doing it, but of course, promotion matters. Luckily, there are many ways to promote your blog nowadays and social media websites are your best bet. Start promoting today.

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