Try These 6 Content Marketing Strategies To Never Revamp Again

Content Marketing Strategies
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How many snafus and near misses did your previous content marketing strategies have?

Notice I used the plural. You try and try again to get your marketing strategy right.

As they say, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.”

But, what if you didn’t? (I don’t mean kiss frogs.)

What if you didn’t have to try and try again? What if you could get your content marketing strategy right the first time?

This post will explain how to get your content marketing strategy right the first time and never have to revamp again.

Strategy 1: Link Building

Link building is as important as ever for the same reason it’s always been important. Google believes your website has quality content if other people link to your website pages. The more links you have to your content, the higher the likelihood you’ll get visibility in search engines.

How To Drive Links To Your Site:

  • Create stellar content consistently so people will want to link to you. Consistent publishing tells Google you have an active website. Do you have a team? Great! Creating quality content consistently takes time. Help each other.
  • Work with other marketers and ask them to promote and link to your content, and you’ll do the same for them.
  • Ask companies you’re creating content for to link to you. This will boost your ability to be found in search engines which helps the companies who’ve retained you.
  • Offer a blogger compensation for publishing your link in their content. Make sure you tell them what the anchor text should be.
  • Create links to your other relevant content.

Note: To let Google know your content is important, bold the anchor text, which should be your focus word, on your website page.

Strategy 2: Promote Your Content

Promote Your Content
80% of your efforts should be directed toward promoting your content.

  • Ust Instagram. Today, most brands are promoting on Instagram.
  • Involve the community. Brands encourage community members to send pictures of themselves using the product on sites like Instagram. They add the brand’s hashtag to the caption so everyone can find each other. Your marketing campaign results in the feel of a party.
  • Interview an expert in your industry. If they share the interview on their website, you get a link. Industry leaders generally have pretty strong domain rankings. A link from them will help your rankings at Google.
  • Are you a blogger? Many bloggers actually invent a hashtag for themselves which they use to promote their content on social media. This helps with branding. The hashtag becomes associated with the blogger’s brand. Brand awareness helps you stay in the forefront of potential visitors’ minds.
  • Buy Facebook ads. Using Facebook ads to get the word out about your content is so successful the strategy is becoming commonplace.
  • Promote in Facebook groups designed for promoting your product or service. Make sure you mention any discounts you’re offering.
  • Remember the not-so-mainstream sites that allow promotion for serious content marketers. These sites include Kingged, Inbound, and BizSugar.*

Strategy 3: Use Google Analytics

Before you start your social media promotion, you should determine on which social media sites you’ll find your target audience.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click Acquisition/All Traffic/Channels.
Step 3: Scroll down and click “Social.” You will see which social media sites are sending you visitors.

Use Google Analytics

Notice: You can change the date range. As you can see, a one-week view is the default. This may not be enough to give you a comprehensive view of which social media sites are sending you traffic.

Google Analytics Can Offer You Other Important Metrics As Well.

Knowing which pages most interest your site visitors is crucial in understanding your target audience. Replicate content that interests them.

How To Know Your Best-Performing Content:

Step 1: Go to[1].
Step 2: Scroll down to “Which pages do your users visit?”
Again, feel free to change the date range to get a more thorough idea of which content most interests your website visitors.

Strategy 4: Generate Social Shares

Generate Social Shares
Having your article shared also help you get your website visibility in search engines. Google likes active websites. Active websites are frequently shared.

  • Offer your email list members a discount code or free item for sharing your content.
  • Incorporate influencer outreach. Try and incorporate the name of an influencer into your content. Send the influencer the link to your content either through email or Twitter and ask them to share.
  • Host a giveaway. People who’ve shared your content can be entered. Rafflecopter[2] helps content creators host giveaways.
  • Include a Call to Action that asks people to share. Vary your CTA with each article. Also, you should tell people why they should share. For example, “Please share so other people discover the benefits of… ”

Strategy 5: Generate Comments

As mentioned above, Google likes active websites. Active websites have a high engagement rate which is revealed by many comments.