Social Media Influencer Partnerships: 6 Tips You Should Know in 2017

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Influencer marketing depicts the new era and possibly the future of marketing activities for business firms and entities. It started developing once the social media began having shape. The social media platform was at first taken as a joke and no value was attached to it. For a long time, that has been the case but recently, people, businesses and organizations have taken to the social media for their advertising and marketing activities.

In the past, social media influencing capability was only viewed in a negative light; a way to get rich fast. As a result, many businesses disregarded it as they wanted a more prominent and maintainable strategy. With influencers out there in the target market, businesses have to think deeply in regards to the kind of engagements they want to have. It would be better if they thought of the influencers as their business partners, and engage them in mutually beneficial agreements. ProvenSEO indicates that social media influencer partnerships are more effective and offers tips on how to begin such a partnership.

1. Offer an Adequate Definition of the Term Partnership

This is the first step when negotiating or aiming at achieving something of your own. You have to define the terms involved in that specific case. In this case, the term partnership has to be defined between the parties involved. This involves putting into consideration the benefits associated with the influencer marketing. Remember a partnership is a long lasting venture and therefore, don’t look for one week fame and returns on investment and forget that the future is waiting. Furthermore, use the opportunity of being a partner and part of any influencer’s friends or partners to reap the benefits and improve on your reputation; build your brand name.

2. Be an Influencer

People tend to notice others that trend in their own circles, have similar expertise or extensive knowledge on the others profession. To attain the attention of a certain influencer, it is evident that you need to become an influencer yourself. Your followers may not be as many as the target influencer are but at least you have a firm ground to start-on. Build a reputation using the following and other influencers will respect you. In addition, it will indicate your expertise and experience in the area, which is viewed as adding value to any influencer or future partner.

3. Contributions

img-provenseo-contributionThe third step is to contribute to posts, write article, book reviews or come up with essential debates relevant to the influencers work. This is aimed at adding value to the influencer’s personal and public following. In this specific step, you are not able to ask for anything in return but at least you enter into the influencer’s radar. In addition to the contributions, link your content to the influencer but make sure they are relevant and high profile. Tag on social media and other online platforms. However, with the large contributions made to the influencers on a daily basis, it may become difficult for you to be noticed.

4. Engage or Involve the Influencer

In case the influencer doesn’t notice you, the next step is to engage them or participate in their discussions. You can do this by commenting and giving feedbacks on posts or content posted online. If holding discussions, participate and continuously ask pertinent questions in reference to their fields of expertise. Do not stalk them as that may end up in legal battles or them ignoring you. Engage them and eventually they will come to know you especially if you are knowledgeable and you have the professional expertise needed. This is aimed at being impressive in every way.

5. Social, Formal or Partnership Requests

It is one of the most essential, fast but also risky means of acquiring an influencer’s attention or requesting for help or partnership on a specific project. Remember, these are busy people and therefore, making it worthwhile, brief and to the point should be your objective. It must be an important subject otherwise; you won’t grab their attention as needed. Once they accept, then you can finally take the last step.

6. Progress the Relationship Further

Over time, try and progress the relationship further such that you can share information with the influencer on a regular basis. You engage them in different important activities and once they are comfortable in your presence or in using your information, then you can ask for favors. The only remaining thing is maintaining the relationship for future purposes. Including them in all your fundamental functions and showing their importance to you is one of the ways to maintain their services and partnership in general.


Author: Azhar

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