Know the 3 Reasons Why Right Content is Start of Influencer Marketing

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Overview of Influencer Marketing

There is a famous saying “Content is king”. If you’re planning to market your products online, you must create right content that can attract eyeballs.

The content should be designed in such a way that people will not leave the video or an article in the middle without completing it. It should be valuable enough for them to spend time reading the content or listening to the video.

The recent survey revealed that 84% of the marketers are interested in executing at least one influencer in the period of 12 months. Influencer marketing begins with creating a right content. You cannot expect to engage the audience with a crappy content. You must have noticed many promoted posts while scrolling in your Facebook News Feed.

Many posts are ignored while some posts stand out of the rest. It’s not because they were not reaching the audience, but it’s because the person who posted the post created the right content.

How to Engage Influencers with Right Content?

In this section of the article, you will get to know the ways to effectively reach and engage the influencers.

1. Easy Steps to Reach Out to Influencers
Influencer marketing is the process of getting influencers (a guy with substantial no. of followers) to share the content. The question is how to get the influencer share your content.

You can either have the content they enjoy or you can email them using the simple yet effective process that is mentioned in the Daily Egg blog.

You can ask them to be profiled in your blog as well. However, you should make sure that you have channels (Facebook, Tweets, Landing Pages, Blogs) before you actually reach out to them. Make sure that the contents are related to their expertise or area of interest. This will allow the influencers to easily research about you. They will get to know if you’re really worthy individual or not before allocating their time for you.
content marketing Here is a recap of the process in a simple manner:

  • Developing a list of influencers for your niche to reach out who are likely to help you in your campaign.
  • Creating valuable and well-researched content on a specific niche on each and every channel created by you.
  • Creating a well-structured and powerful website before reaching out.
  • Reach out to the potential influencers with a brief and personalized email telling them about your idea. A simple quote for the next article can be one of the options.

2. Text Layout with an Eye-Catching Header
The way people interact with the website has dramatically changed over time. We’ve trained ourselves to ignore the advertisements on the top, side, and on the bottom of the content. This fact makes it very important to structure your content carefully around human behavior. What is the first thing you do whenever you encounter a post? You are most likely to read the headline and a few paragraphs before you decide to read the post. Am I right?
eye-catching header

This is what the people usually do. To arouse your readers to read the content, you need to have a killer headline with a well-structured content. Here are certain things you can do to create a great header.

  • Make use of numbers
  • Emphasis on the benefits to the person reading the content
  • Be interactive and take action

You can search for some examples of great headlines. If you prepare a well-structured content with a killer headline, you have a greater chance to influence the influencer.

3. Be Personal
You’re dealing with an influencer who is a human being, not a robot. And human beings love to get to know each other in detail. To impact the influencer, you need to unmask yourself.

One of the best ways to do it is through a short video on your YouTube channel. Just relax and try to be as natural as you can. You can also try out personal branding to increase your trust and credibility.

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The Apple Inc was not a billion dollar company when it first started. The point I’m trying to make is that each and every business needs time to grow. Building a good online presence takes time.

You cannot expect an influencer to pay attention to your brand right after you create a page or a website. It’s necessary to spend some time to create a well-structured website that is able to engage its audience. If you make an effort to do so, you’re much likely to engage the influencers.

As the time passes, you will start to reap. You can expect a greater return on investment over a period of time if you keep on working on improving your website, page, or a channel. You can try out some ProvenSEO techniques to further increase your reach.

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