Moving the Needle with SEO Content

Learn how to create powerful SEO content that ranks and gets you more traffic from Google.
SEO Content
SEO content is the foundation of any successful SEO strategy. Shutterstock Images

SEO still remains the only strategy used to rank high on Google. Perhaps in the future, we will have a contender but that day hasn’t yet arrived. With the creation of more websites by the day, people have to exercise a high level of intelligence as far as SEO is concerned.

Among the leading SEO tactics, content is by far the most crucial. It can make or break your SEO strategies. SEO and content make a great team at their best. The opposite is also true. When at their worst, they can cause a string of Google penalties that can paralyze any online business.

The purpose of this article is to try and give you a good understanding of what SEO content is and how to leverage it to “move the SEO needle”.

What exactly is SEO content?

Even if you are new to the online world, you must have come across the word, “content” at one point or another. A simple definition of SEO content would be information found on the internet that is consumable therein. It can also be said to be content developed with the goal of attracting traffic through search engines.

Everyone is well aware that Google and other search engines take content very seriously[1]. As a result, there’s an enhanced hype around content in today’s world. With the hype comes a heightened competition among website owners. To stay on top of things, you have to be a master at the game. Sometimes this means hiring an SEO expert[2] to help you stay ahead of the pack.

What SEO content strategies are worth being considered?

Many people over depend on SEO writing forgetting other facets of the coin. Sure, robust keyword research is the key to SEO success but if not carefully checked, one may end up with rather dry content—the kind that makes the search engines happy but does very little to engage the target audience. SEO writing can easily become an attraction tool more than a tool for creating dedicated customers.

So, what should you do about it? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Appropriate Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Shutterstock Images

Despite keywords being the enemy of online marketing, it can be the greatest strategy if only it is done right. According to Neil Patel[3], keyword research done the right way is the best aspect of digital marketing. You cannot ignore this important step if you want to move the needle with your content.

Here are tips of success with keyword research:

  • Run away from extremely competitive keywords that have massive search numbers
  • Use long-tail keywords[4]
  • Employ a dependable keyword research tool
  • Your topic and keyword should match

2. Optimize Images

Images should make a huge part of your SEO content strategy. Although many would consider them as decorations, images are actually content according to Premier SEO Ninjas and the Search Engine Journal[5]. Images help the reader better understand your article. Long text can be dull and boring but images always draw the eyes. Be sure to throw in one or more images in every article you develop on your website. There are a few rules to be followed when optimizing images:

  • Use appropriate formats when saving images
  • Make the images simple and compressed
  • Keep colors on the minimum
  • Don’t mix photographic images with graphic elements and fonts
  • Contextualize the images
  • Blend the images with the content

3. Support Your Content With Videos

Our world is now more visual than it has ever been. According to Hubspot, 54% of internet users want to see more videos from marketers (Hubspot, updated 2019)[6]. On top of images and powerful content, you need videos to further explain what you are all about to your customers.

Video With Content
Video with content is a great way to engage the target audience. Shutterstock Images

4. Keep Things Organized

Many times, website owners rely on inspiration to add content on their website. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that. It might just get you to your destination albeit much slower. It can also make for a messy website that repels both users and search engines.

Yes, go ahead and write during moments of inspiration but work with a specific structure from the very beginning. With the help of Premier SEO Ninjas, you can create an outline as you start your website including your titles, headings, and the outlook of your page. Additionally, ensure that your content is broken down into sections that keep the attention of the reader to the end.

5. Blog, Blog, Blog

You have heard all about the power of blogging in the past but how about something little to cement that? A study done by Hubspot in 2018[7], concluded that businesses that harness the magic of blogging experience higher lead growths (126% higher) than non-blogging businesses. A good blog strategy guided by Premier SEO Ninjas helps you target the right kind of audience.

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Content is no doubt an important element as far as search engine optimization is concerned. If you get it right, the sky will be the limit for you. You will drive unimaginable traffic to your site and in turn, convert it into huge bucks.


Author: Elizabeth Engen

Elizabeth Engen is an Online Business Strategist and Founder of Premier SEO Ninjas Minneapolis - a digital marketing agency that has helped Doctors and Lawyers grow their practices and create massive revenue since 2009. She provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so that business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor. Over the past fifteen years this Premier Google Partner and Double Agency Owner has been building compelling campaigns that get traffic, get noticed, and generate more clients for their businesses in ninteen countries around the world. You can connect with her on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Premier SEO Ninjas.