2 Amazing Twitter Marketing Tools You Need to Use Today

Twitter Marketing Tools
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Are you aware that 328 million people are using Twitter?

Exciting for Twitter?

Yes, and exciting for you.

Twitter’s magic does not lie in its ability to bring traffic to your website.

Twitter’s allure is far deeper than that.

Twitter’s spell lies in its ability to bring financial opportunities to your website.

This post will tell you how to make that happen using Twitter, the popular social media site.

Good News: These tips are free and quick to follow.

Boost Your Amount Of Twitter Followers

I don’t care how many Twitter followers you currently have. You need to take steps to increase that number.

How To Look Like A Popular Twitter User (Tweep)?

Look Like A Popular Twitter User

Popular? Is this fourth grade? Should popularity matter?

A resounding Yes!

The Bandwagon Effect

Have you heard of the Bandwagon Effect*?

The Bandwagon Effect is a state of mind. A mindset that shouts, “If it’s popular, it must be worthwhile.”

Marketers use this technique all the time in advertising. “Everyone is using it” and “everyone is doing it” are popular slogans used in advertising.

If everyone is doing it, reason dictates that you should be doing it too.

To the point: If everyone is following your Twitter feed, your potential consumer should be too.

Twitter Tools

Today, free tools exist to easily enable you to increase your Twitter count.



Go to: commun.it[1]
Sign in with your Twitter account information.

Authorize the app.


This is your Commun.it dashboard.

Click “My Community.”

Commun.it dashboard

Look on the left-hand portion of the screenshot.

Do you notice “Consider to follow” is highlighted?

Commun.it actually suggests people for me to follow.

Feel free to add all the number of followers these users have. Google Calendar alone has 577,000 followers.

If these people follow me back and retweet (reshare) my content, my content’s reach would be extended to 986,102 people!

Click “Leads.”


First, look on the left under “Keywords.”

I am interested in following people on Twitter who tweet about relevant content to my own.

I tweet about blogging and Pinterest, so these are the keywords I chose.

Notice the top entry blogs about blogging, which was one of my keywords.

As the screenshot shows, the Twitter user has 27,000 followers.

I should follow this user.

The protocol on Twitter is to follow back like-minded users.

If he follows me back and tweets my links, 27,000 people will see my content!

Did you notice everyone on the list has at least 23,000 Twitter followers?

It takes a mere second to click “follow” on Twitter.

Add all the followers. If they all followed you back, you’d extend your content’s reach by 219,000 people. Those 219,000 people would see every link to your content you tweet if they all shared your tweets.

Can you believe there are only five people in our count? Imagine if you grow your Twitter feed to thousands or tens of thousands of people how much greater your exposure would be!

You can’t buy this kind of reach. Commun.it is free. You don’t need to dip into your advertising budget.


This technique to increase your Twitter followers gets even easier!

The people at Triberr[2], like-minded content creators, are required to help you promote your content!

May I introduce you to my tribes’ members?


Look: I am currently a member of nine tribes. Collectedly, I have 303 tribemates. Our Twitter reaches combined is 4 million people.

These 4 million people would never see my content if I hadn’t joined Triberr. My content wouldn’t have this kind of exposure.

Triberr is free advertising for you.

You don’t even have to take the time to post on Triberr! The site draws from your RSS feed, so your content is automatically uploaded.

Now, look at the names of my tribes on the right. Can you tell my 303 tribesmates and I compose relevant content?

They are marketers and bloggers. I also write about marketing and blogging.

Since they have these interests, and the norm on Twitter is to follow people in your niche, the 4 million people that see my links will be interested in my content as well.

It’s true that these 303 people have to share my links on Twitter. As I indicated earlier, they are expected to share my links.

Triberr works on a reciprocal arrangement. If you share other people’s content, they are expected to share yours.

Do you want to know the consequence if they don’t?

People won’t share their links. Even worse, they could be banned from their tribes.


Triberr  Stream

By hovering over this user’s picture, you are able to see the following information: In the last week, this user did not share any of my posts. As a matter of fact, he didn’t share any of his tribesmates’ posts.

Ouch! These statistics are public. If you don’t live up to your expectation of sharing your tribesmembers’ posts, people won’t want to share your posts.

In that case, joining Triberr is a waste of potential free exposure for you. Even worse, you could get barred from your tribe.

Wrapping Up

By using Commun.It, you will boost your Twitter followers. What will you do once you’ve increased your count?

Why, market to them, of course.

Commun.it and Triberr are both important in trying to extend your reach and market to consumers. Commun.it increases the number of people you market to, and Triberr extends your advertising reach.

The best part, they are both free. Are you operating on a shoe-string budget? These tools are for you.

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More information about the Bandwagon Effect can be found at
*9 Ways the Bandwagon Effect Will Change the Way You Change the Way You Blog

**More information about Triberr can be found at
How You Can Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Triberr

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Author: Janice Wald

Janice Wald is an author, a freelance writer, a blogger, and a blogging coach. She blogs at MostlyBlogging.com where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers.