How To Grow A Targeted Twitter Following

targeted twitter following
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Twitter the home of 313 monthly million active users is a brilliant social platform for businesses.

Although it may seem hard to grow a following and stand out on the platform, it’s still possible.

If you haven’t got a strategy in place to grow a targeted following, then you could be missing out on a large audience.

The good news here is that in this article, you’ll find out how to grow a large audience on the platform that’s not only active but also targeted.

What does that mean? It means they’re likely to be interested in what you are posting about and will most likely engage with your social activities providing you’re publishing high-quality, useful content.

How To Grow A Targeted Twitter Following

1 – Identifying Your Target Audience

In order to have a targeted following, you first need to think about who your audience is, who would find value from your brand and the content you share, what the characteristics of your customers are and more importantly, what’s your niche.

You can easily find information like this by utilizing a few tools, one of them is Buzzsumo. This tool will not only allow you to find trending content from top influencers, but you’ll also be able to identify key influencers and large accounts in a specific industry.


Another way to identify your target audience is by utilizing Twitter’s Advanced Search. This is a simple yet effective method to find influencers who may have a targeted audience in their niche, which would help you define your audience even more.

Some other tools available that you should include in your Twitter marketing strategy are these. If used effectively, you’ll see more success on Twitter.

Once you’ve discovered a great amount of people/accounts that fit your niche and are active, you should create a Twitter list and make it private. Add them to it. This will help you remember those accounts, so you can go back and engage with their followers in the future.

2 – Using Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are brilliant for keeping track of certain accounts when you follow a lot of people, or even just monitoring their activity, for example, a private list of your competitors to see what they are doing.

For what we are doing, growing a targeted following, Twitter lists come in handy.

When you add someone to a public Twitter list, they receive a notification.

Here’s an example of what it looks like.

Twitter Lists

As you can see, that stands out a lot more than an average like or retweet notification.

You should utilize Twitter lists and add those who tweet about your niche or those that follow the influencers in your industry.

Providing your Twitter list is public, they’ll be notified and might visit your profile and possibly follow if they like what they see.

Keep in mind, you’ll want to name your list something catchy and interesting, so it entices your targeted account view your profile and engage back.

3 – Follow your Target Audience

Whilst the Twitter list strategy does help, following your targeted audience and engaging with their tweets providing they are suitable will help you grow an active community that will most likely follow you and engage back.

You’ll want to make sure you follow the right targeted accounts and don’t follow too many in a single day, so utilizing tools like Crowdfire or Tweepi is important.

If you’d rather not use tools, you can still follow your target audience by looking at the influencers followers tab and drop a follow on the recent accounts, engaging with their account. Keep in mind though, that method can be quite time-consuming!

Both Tweepi and Crowdfire offer a follow feature, utilise that and add the influencers Twitter handle, you’ll then see a list of accounts that follow the influencer. Go through that list and follow those that are suitable and have an interest in the industry,

You can also use Crowdfire’s inactive followers and non-followers feature to unfollow those that haven’t engaged back or that have been inactive on Twitter for more than a month.

4 – Engage With Your Audience

Engage With Your Audience

Once you’ve started to follow your target audience, some will begin to follow back, once they have, you should start to think about how you’ll engage with them.

Will you like a few of their tweets? Ask them a question? Retweet them? Or share a valuable piece of information they may find useful?

Building a connection with your followers can help you further down the line when it comes to sales and networking.

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Providing you follow the strategies above, you should start to see growth on your Twitter account. If done correctly, whilst sharing interesting content, you’ll also notice much more engagement and an increase in your social reach.

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