How To Get Real and Targeted Instagram Followers

Targeted Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the world’s most used social networking apps in the world.

With the platform having over 700 million monthly[1] active people worldwide using Instagram, it’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that standing out will be very tough.

You’re not alone… I thought that too.

Especially when 400 million people use the platform on a daily basis…

But don’t worry…

By the end of this article, you’ll have some key takeaways to grow your account fairly quickly, in a safe organic proven method.

The best of all, the followers you will gain, are targeted and most likely will engage with your content because they’re interested in the content you are publishing.

Before I even begin sharing these top tips to grow your Instagram following, you first need to identify what niche you’re and whether the type of content you are producing could be improved.

It goes without saying.. the better your content is, the more attractive and insightful it is, the more engagement and publicity you’ll receive, potentially resulting in more sales.

Here are top tips for growing a targeted Instagram audience:

Post Regularly

Post Regularly

In order for you to start growing, you need to be very active. Posting multiple times a week. If you think you’ll grow an account by posting once a week, you’ve not got the right mindset on.

It’s recommended to post a minimum of one a day, but if you can publish at least 3 times a day at different times, you’ll grow an account much quicker.

Whilst it can be hard to keep track of that, I’d recommend creating your content, sending it to your Instagram app and leaving it in your drafts, when the time is right, share the content. You could also utilize other tools out there for scheduling your content, however Instagram isn’t too keen on that kind of stuff and it may hurt your account.

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Identify Suitable Hashtags

Power of Hashtag

Using hashtags is great. But if you aren’t utilising the best ones that are not overcrowded, then you’re missing out.

Using hashtags like #marketing and #instagram is pointless. The amount of users that are sharing content with those hashtags every second is insane. Your posts won’t be seen.
Think of it like this.

Imagine being in a room without 1000 people. If you shout “Instagram” hardly anyone will hear you.

You need to be sharing content using hashtags that are not too popular, but are still used on a regular basis. Depending on your content, and the amount of engagement you receive, you \might end up getting featured in the top 9 section which usually lasts a few days and will help you rack up a lot of impressions, follows and more traffic.

Engage With Your Targeted Audience

Engage With Your Targeted Audience

One of the best tips for growing a targeted following is by engaging with your target audience!
Quite obvious..yet not many people actually do it.

Go ahead and identify what type of keywords your target audience are likely to use when hashtagging. Find relevant content and start engaging with it.

Like three of their pictures.

Comment 4+ relevant words – make it seem like you’re interested in the content.

Go back a few minutes later and drop them a follow.

The majority of time, they’ll likely engage back and might even drop you a follow.

For each time you like their content and comment, they’re receiving a notification. If you do that with an internal of 5-10 minutes, that’s a few different notifications at various times, making them more likely to view your profile.

Share User-Generated-Content


If you follow Go Pro on Instagram, you’ll know how successful their Instagram marketing is.

They are always reposting user-generated content and the best thing of all, this content usually attracts a lot of attention and the engagement can be crazy.

Everyone loves it when their content is featured in a positive way on a company’s social feed. User-generated content is also known to garner more engagement.

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The above tips should help you get growing a targeted following right away. Just make sure you’re targeting the right audience and share content that is eye-catching and would make yourself want to engage with it, if you was in their position.

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