These 6 Strategies of Pinterest Marketing Will Increase Your Sales

Pinterest Marketing

Until recently, Pinterest was an unexplored social network capable of providing many features. Eventually, people began to realize the opportunities offered by the social network. And now, the dark horse of social media has become a dominant asset.

When used correctly, Pinterest is as an effective marketing tool. It is an incredibly simple way for businesses to get their products in front of millions of visitors. Users share online photos by pinning them, just like a Facebook status.

Pinterest is making strides towards becoming a top online marketing priority. As a business owner, if you are considering Pinterest marketing, below are six ways to generate more sales.

1. Leverage The Power Of Influencers

Growing the customer base is important for both online and offline marketers. To widen outreach, don’t miss out on a chance to partner with an influential guest. Pinterest is a beneficial marketing platform when utilizing the potential of a guest influencer[1].

How do you build a relationship with them? There are three primary ways.

  • Grab Their Attention: Follow them on Pinterest and contribute. For example, re-pin their pins while tagging them.
  • Converse With Them: Engage in a conversation and become acquainted with them. Ask questions related to their field of expertise.
  • Submit A Proposal: Formally request their assistance or collaboration.

As these influencers share your pins, you’ll broaden your visibility and gain hundreds of followers. Partnering with the right Pinterest influencers enables your product to standout on the social network.

2. Maximize SEO Efforts

Maximize SEO Efforts

Pinterest is slowly achieving global prominence amongst the many social networks that exist today. It has evolved into a profitable social media channel for online marketers. It boasts over 150 million active users[2] every month.

It has become a refreshing alternative to Facebook, Instagram, and others. As a result, reaching your target audience amidst the masses has become arduous.

Several SEO tactics can be incorporated into Pinterest to alleviate this difficulty. These tactics will also substantiate your SEO aspirations. You can:

  • Choose a simple username that is reflective of your company’s name and industry.
  • Include company keywords in the ‘About’ section of your Pinterest profile page.
  • Add inbound links to your pins to persuade visitors to proceed to your website to purchase your products.
  • Choose pinboard names that contain your keywords so customers can find your product.
  • Provide SEO-oriented pin descriptions, ensuring the 500-character content is easy to search by including keywords.

3. Pinterest Contests Work Wonders On Marketing Endeavors

Pinterest contests are a lucrative way to connect with customers and generate engagement. They result in a definitive path towards brand and product marketing to massive audience bases. The following contest benefits can be seen:

  • Boosting brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Increasing brand visibility.
  • Propagating product advantages to the crowd.

There are many types of engaging Pinterest contests[3], like Pin It to Win It and Create a Pinterest Board. They are intended to garner large numbers of Pinterest traffic. These contests will include participants who put up numerous pins and boards.

To achieve the most success from a contest, businesses need to attract many participants. Here are a few tips for doing that:

  • Make visually-appealing contests.
  • Craft mobile-friendly contests.
  • Cross-promote contests through Facebook, Twitter and your business’ website.
  • Announce attractive prizes and rewards.

4. Showcase Product Portfolios

Showcase Product Portfolios

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for staging product portfolios in a visually-appealing manner. Businesses attract opportunities by showcasing products rather than just sharing pinnable images to blog posts. Product portfolios also help businesses elevate their reputation and brand experience.

Use Pinterest to show off previous works and holdings and to attract potential customers or clients. You can also share pins that promote your business’ culture and product competitiveness.

Everything stated here helps your prospects to comprehensively connect with your business and captures the loyal following of your existing customers. Here are more ideas for uniquely showcasing your brand:

  • Include employee and related special event photos.
  • Attach video testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Group themed products.
  • Highlight holiday and giveaway products.

Having a Pinterest portfolio drives traffic to your site and allows you to increase your customer base.

5. Use Rich Pins

Because Pinterest is a continually evolving social network, it often adds increased functionalities. The Rich Pins are one feature proving to be very useful in marketing endeavors when properly used. Rich Pins were introduced to provide more details, rather than just images, on your pins

There are four types of Pinterest Rich Pins:

  • Product Pins: Includes real-time pricing and product availability to make shopping easier.
  • Recipe Pins: Shows appropriate information about cooking ingredients, preparation times and serving sizes.
  • Article Pins: Shows content; like the headline, author name, and story description.
  • App Pins:Represents numerous apps with an install button so people can download apps without leaving the Pinterest page.

Having Pinterest Rich Pins saves time for both customers and marketers because products are automatically updated. Businesses no longer need to update their Rich Pins manually.

6. Create Obvious Purchase Links

Create Obvious Purchase Links

All the marketing perseverance done with Pinterest is directed at attracting additional followers. This desire is to enhance the business’ sales numbers which makes sales the ultimate prize.

Unfortunately, if purchase links are ambiguously created, sales will be negatively affected. As a result, the purpose for pinning photos is negated. To overcome this issue:

  • Create direct links on your Pinterest account to purchase from. Shoppers walk away when they can’t identify the smooth picture to purchase[4]
  • Ensure the purchase links are clearly visible and obvious so followers can purchase the advertised product/services.
  • Confirm the purchase links are actionable so users don’t abandon the buying process due to a lack of clear information on where and how to buy.

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Wrap up

Pinterest marketing is a great decision. Following these strategies will increase sales. Businesses need to deploy the right paths to ensure their Pinterest board becomes a competent marketing tool. This will also win you the heart of your customers. Happy Pinterest Pinning!

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