Why Micro Influencers Are Better For Marketing Than Macro Influencers?

micro influencer or macro influencers

Was I complimented or criticized?

Recently someone called me a “micro influencer.”

Was I being flattered or insulted?

The term sounds like an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.

“Micro” means small and therefore sounds insulting. However, to be called “an influencer” is the height of complimentary.

This article will explain the difference between micro influencers and macro influencers and explain which is better.

What Is The Difference Between Micro And Macro Influencers?

Are you into the numbers game? That’s how you’ll discover who is a micro influencer and who is a macro influencer.

Micro influencers have anywhere between 1,000 and 999,999 followers.

Macro influencers have 1 million followers or more.

These are internet followers. They could follow the influencer on social media, their blog, or their website.

Why Micro Influencers Are Better For Marketing Than Macro Influencers

Should we even care about the difference between micro influencer marketing and macro influencer marketing? Does the difference even matter?

My answer is a resounding “Yes.”

1. Micro Influencers Are Better For Marketing Since It’s Easier To Generate Links From Them.

If you are a blogger or a marketer, you need links from people with strong Domain Rankings. Getting these links to your site will boost your SEO and get your products and services visibility in search engines.

Both types of influencers have those rankings or they wouldn’t be considered influencers.

In order to have any hopes of getting a link from influencers, you need to cultivate a relationship with them.

Who are you going to try to build a relationship with the micro influencer or the macro influencer?

Macro influencers have far more followers than micro influencers. They need to respond to comments from their followers, arrange webinars for them, coach them, thank them for links and social shares…

Micro influencers are still influencers. They still have a decent Domain Authority ranking. If they link to you, your SEO will still increase.

Of course, a link from a macro influencer will be more beneficial, but they may be too busy to even answer your email requesting the link.

Therefore, a link from a micro influencer is better since you may not even get a response about a link from the macro influencer.

2. Micro Influencers Are Better For Marketing Since It’s Easier To Generate Social Shares From Them.

I have frequently linked to social media influencers in my articles. I’ve shared the articles with them on their social media site of influence and asked them to share.

In contrast, content creators have often emailed me asking me for social shares. I’ve actually seen templates designed for the purpose of emailing the influencer to ask for social shares.

In my opinion, this isn’t necessary since it’s easy to request social shares on social media sites.

Look: When I want to request a link from an influencer this is what I write on Twitter:

[a short blurb about my article, the link to my article, “Please Retweet,” feat @the influencer’s Twitter name]

This accomplishes several things. First, there is no extra effort or time involved since I’d promote my article on Twitter anyway. Next, research shows if you spell out the words “Please Retweet,” you’re more likely to get retweets.

Also, by reading this, the influencer learns that I’m looking for retweets. Finally, all the influencer has to do is click the retweet button. There’s not the time involved that responding to my email would take and then sharing on Twitter. Twitter notifies me that they’ve retweeted my articles so they don’t have to write me back to tell me.

I’ve done this with micro influencers and macro influencers. I find this technique effective with the micro influencers.

First, the macro influencer often doesn’t respond, or they’ll just click the “like” button and not retweet. Once, an underling in a company with a great many Twitter followers explained he wasn’t allowed to share my article.

As I indicated, I’ve never had a problem with micro influencers. On the contrary, I’ve formed relationships with them in this way on social media sites. They have become my social media followers and many have even guest posted for me.

If you follow these techniques with the micro influencers, your social shares will increase and so will your reach. As your exposure grows, your email list will grow and you will experience greater marketing success.

3. Micro Influencers Are Better For Marketing Since They Try Harder.

Micro Influencer

Micro influencers aren’t macro influencers yet. They still are trying to try to enter those bigger leagues. For this reason, their content is often higher-quality than macro influencers. The latter group has already “made it” and often are content to rest on their previous successes.

This extra effort may include being visible on new social media sites or trying cutting-edge techniques.

Your brand will thrive if you’re affiliated with influencers with innovative strategies.

4. Micro Influencers Are Better Since The Engagement On Their Social Media Sites And Website Is Higher.

People who follow macro influencers realize they won’t have time to write them back, so they often don’t even bother to try to comment on their posts or ask questions when confused. For this reason, many macro influencers have resorted to putting chatbots on their sites. Yet, many people find these automated greetings offensive.

5. Micro Influencers Are Better Since It’s Easier For Brands To Work With Them.

Do you know that Instagram influencers have so many followers they can charge $75,000 per Instagram post?

Knowing this, brands on a tight budget won’t approach those influencers. Therefore, micro influencers actually have a better chance of monetizing.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, now you know the answer this article’s introduction posed: Is being called a “micro influencer” an insult or a compliment? Clearly, the person labeled me with a complimentary term. I may not have one million followers, but I’m happy to be a micro influencer.

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