Building A Strong Brand Reputation Using Social Media – 5 Tips You Must Know

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With internet culture being at its zenith, many people are increasingly reliant on social media for information on a daily basis. It is a convenient and fast way to keep up to date with what is current and trending, and also to get people’s opinions on brands and services.

That being said, it is important for businesses to use social media in an effective way to build a positive reputation and connect with more customers. To help you to do that, here are five powerful strategies to build a solid brand reputation online through the use of social media platforms.

1. Choose the Most Suited Social Media Platforms on Which to Build a Network

Most Suited Social Media Platforms

If you are serious about building a strong and positive online reputation through social media, a high level of involvement is required. This will mean having content ready to share, and not just on a once weekly basis.

Trying to remain active on too many social platforms all at once can become a tedious undertaking. If you eventually become overwhelmed with trying to keep up, your efforts may fizzle out, and your social media pages and business will suffer in the long or short run.

It would be a more prudent and practical decision to carefully choose the best social media platforms which for you, represent the most lucrative opportunities to push your business forward and to develop networks from.

When you select two or three, these will be much easier to manage and maintain. This will ensure that you can successfully sustain your business image. Failure to do so would reflect badly on your business and thus damage your reputation.

2. Maintain a Consistent Image across Social Media Platforms

Maintain a Consistent Image

When potential clients or other interested parties view your brand, it is quite likely that they will do multiple searches across all of your social media pages. This is why consistency becomes so important because it helps to establish your credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

You want to appear professional and serious-minded so that your brand is well represented and this will definitely boost your reputation.

3. Keep Your Social Media Pages Current

Keep Your Social Media Pages Current

Engaging with your audience and potential clients through social media is an important way to let them know that your business is still alive and well.

Posting relevant and valuable content on a regular (daily) basis will further grab the attention of your audience and keep it, especially if the information is of great value to them.

Once you keep your pages up to date by posting daily, you assure your audience that you are interested in your business and as a result also interested in them.

While it can be daunting to keep up with frequent posting, some platforms such as Facebook allow for scheduled posting which takes the hassle out of actually having to be actually present online all the time.

As a result, you will be able to manage your time well by creating quality content and basically placing it in a queue to be posted at a date and time you have pre-selected. Having done that, you are not absolved of the responsibility of responding to the queries and comments of your readers.

This takes us to the next step which is…

4. Address the Queries, Concerns, and Complaints of Your Customers

Queries, Concerns, and Complaints

In posting content, you will find that your readers will often have questions. It is important to either invest in monitoring applications or tools to notify you when these requests do come in or have an individual designated to address these in a timely manner.

Additionally, there are unfortunately times when a customer may be dissatisfied with a product or service, and they make it known via your social media page. A negative comment need not be detrimental to your reputation.

One of the key things is a prompt response. Of course, a pragmatic approach will be needed in trying to address the situation[2]. Presenting a solution or offering an apology are practical options which can be used in a bid to alleviate the situation.

Your professional public response says a lot about you to persons looking on. Of course, you may further pursue the matter away from the public’s eyes with a view to a final resolution.

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5. Develop a Relationship with Influencers

Develop a Relationship with Influencers

If your brand is new or your reach may not yet be at the level you would like to have it, quite likely apart from posting amazing content, you need another way to create a network and increase visibility.

This strategy of leveraging influencers is more of a long-term undertaking however, it can boost your reputation and firmly establish you as credible.

To achieve this, you can adopt several approaches. One is to look up the persons in the industry who are trusted and respected and reach out to them via email, making them aware that you have made reference to them in particular posts.

You may also tag them in posts you have shared, or, mention them by name and/or link their websites in your posts. With this option, if they have notifications set up whenever they are mentioned by name or site, they will be alerted.

Making use of these strategies will give you a solid boost toward the kind of image you want to establish through social media.

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