Tips To Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer site that has been around since 2010. Questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by the community of its own users. They do require users on their network to use their real names.

Quora users can vote on others answers, comment and followers others on this question/answer social network.

This website was founded by 2 former Facebook employees[1] and is located in Mountain View, California.

In 2013 Quora launched a blogging platform on the website. They rolled out advertising on there in 2016.

According to Alexa most of the users are from the United States (33.7%) followed by India. There are over 200 hundred million visitors a month to the Quora website today. (According to Quora’s founder and CEO.)[2]

Does Quora Give You Any SEO Link Juice?

All the links that are sprinkled throughout your answers are no -follow. You must be careful not to link to all of your answers. No-follow links are a good blend with follow links for your website’s seo.

No follow links are like referrals, they can drive you traffic via the link though it doesn’t hold SEO juice. But more traffic to your blog or website is good for your overall SEO.

Using Quora takes a long time before you will get traffic to your blog or website but once you do it begins to snowball. Users swear by its traffic generation power!

But wait there’s more – Google and Bing show Quora answers in their search results. Imagine if your answer came up at the top in the search engines? That is SEO working at its best.

Ways Quora Can Help You

7 Ways Quora Can Help You

  • Show Your Expertise – Answer questions day after day. I got addicted to it like others get addicted to doing crossword puzzles every day. Get yourself in the habit whether its daily or several times per week. Answer questions in your niche to become an expert.
  • Blog Away – You can blog there on the Quora site. This way you don’t have to answer others questions on this network. It is a free way to blog and there are no ads that will show up on it.
  • Connect With Other Liked Minded People – follow others and engage with them as it is a social network too. I sometimes may ask very technical questions there that I cannot understand from elsewhere. People are always happy to help by answering questions.
  • Learn Things From Others – Read on your favorite topics or ask questions. You can really learn a lot on this network – again like doing a crossword puzzle. It gets your mind going.
  • Network with others in your field – You will likely find people on Quora that you don’t know on Facebook or Twitter. That is the power of a social network.
  • Rewards – Get rewarded with their top writers program. Top writers are invited to attend events and receive gifts for their efforts. (Started in 2012). You will next to some users the TW 2016 (or year they received the recognition). Check out the blog post on the 2016 Quora top writers[3] and what they received.
  • Generate Traffic – You will generate traffic eventually from being consistent on the Quora network. This takes time so don’t lose patience with it. I just started getting traffic after answering 80 questions. It’s a lengthy process. So be sure to have fun answering questions.

Be Careful of Using Too Many Links on Quora!

Follow the 80/20 rule on using links in your answers as I noticed Neil Patel got banned on Quora about a month ago. I was shocked to see Neil banned on the Quora website. But being banned can happen to anyone on Quora just like on Twitter.

Neil Patel Blog

Some users claim they get banned for 7 days and then are allowed back on. They don’t get the reason for the ban either. A Quora ban is like a Twitter suspension[4]. So be careful about inserting too many links to your own blog or website on Quora.

Mix up your answers without links and others with links and make sure the links you use are adding value to your answers.

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Is Quora a Social Network too?

Yes. Quora allows you to follow others, upvote or downvote answers and to showcase your profile on their website. The network is a sharing knowledge social network. Ask and answer, share and engage with others there.

Don’t get discouraged if others are not giving you any upvotes. Start upvoting your favorite answers and you will see the return – eventually. Quora results do not happen fast!

Quora makes it easy to share your answers or others answers on Twitter and Facebook with one click. If you have a following on either network your followers will see that you are on Quora and may follow you there too.

Quora Social Network too

How to Stand Out On Quora

  • Answer questions with stories and insert pictures/graphs to show your answers visually.
  • Spend time formulating quality answers. If it’s a simple question a user is asking then answer simply too. Mix it up!
  • Fill out your profile information completely. Use you photo – not an image. People love relating with other people and not so much with logos. Tell others about yourself and why they should ask you questions.
  • Write about your credentials and be sure to add your “knows about” section on topics you want to answer questions for.

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Conclusion Using Quora

Quora is a long term strategy to drive traffic to your blog or website today. It will not happen overnight. Many power users there claim it’s the #1 source of traffic.

So get yourself comfortable when you start out using Quora and really enjoy it. Once you enjoy it will become a habit like doing those crossword puzzles. You will surely reap the benefits of Quora over time.

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