7 Ways to Easily Avoid Influencer Marketing Problems

influencer marketing problems

You know that influencer outreach is a common form of marketing.

Influencer marketing has so much power it’s actually a buzzword in 2017.

It’s downright trendy. Influencer marketing is the current flavor of the marketing world. Don’t count on it going away any time soon.

There are definite upsides to working with influencers. For example, Influencers can get a marketer access to massive audiences.

However, the most thoroughly made plans do not always go smoothly. Marketers could potentially run into problems working with influencers.

Then, what do you do?

This post will present common problems that can go wrong with influencers while building an influencer marketing campaign and how to fix them.

1.You can’t find the perfect influencers.

Solution: Stop trying. You don’t have to spread yourself too thin. If you pick the right influencers with the right audiences, you’re way ahead. Tools exist which can help you. Upfluence and Klout are two of them.

2.The influencers don’t provide you original marketing content.
2.	The influencers don't provide you original marketing content
Solution: Make sure your expectations are made clear before agreeing to work together. Have a set of guidelines in writing, and present the criteria to the influencer ahead of time.

3.The influencers are taking too long.

Solution: Again, put your expectations in writing. For example, if the influencers are supposed to send their followers have written messages about your brand, who is responsible for the mechanics of the writing such as spelling and grammar?

4.You don’t get along with the influencer.

Solution: Try to remember your focus should be on the connection the influencer has with their audience. Don’t focus on yourself. Focus on making influencers feel so strongly about your company’s brand, they will want to convey that powerful feeling to their followers.

5.How do you measure the real impact of one particular influencer? Since there is no real way, it’s impossible to measure whether it’s worth allocating part of your budget on that influencer.

Solution: Sni.ps has developed a tool that does track the progress of an influencer and in this way stabilizes an otherwise unpredictable industry, influencer marketing. According to Entrepreneur, the days of not knowing what to pay an influencer are over. Sni.ps has found a way to track the emotional connection between the influencers and their audiences.

6.The influencers aren’t delivering on what they promised.

Solution: Examine what criteria you used to pick them. Many people become “influencers” as a result of buying followers or follows for follow backs. It’s possible the influencers can’t deliver on what they promised you since they don’t have genuine relationships with their audiences. In fact, in this article for ProvenSEO,8 Tips for A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign, MAK, the author, confirms the reach of the influencer is no longer the factor that it used to be. What matters today is how engaged the influencer is with their audience.

7.The influencer is reluctant to help you.
The influencer is reluctant to help you
Solution: Consider these comments from influencer Ryan Biddulph:
Influencer marketing works so well if you help influential bloggers before asking for help. Some bloggers come in cold.

I help my friends first because my friends took a genuine interest in me, and helped me. We all need help sometimes but when you help folks first, without asking for anything in return, help makes a beeline to you.

As you can see, the solution is to give what you expect to get. Support works both ways.

In closing, working with influencers has the potential for many problems. Hopefully, you’ve seen you are able to turn the problems with the influencer around and fix those problems. This article has offered you seven ways to solve them.


Author: Janice Wald

Janice Wald is an author, a freelance writer, a blogger, and a blogging coach. She blogs at MostlyBlogging.com where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers.