Email Marketing Statistics for E-commerce 2019

According to Statistica 2019, in the year 2017, 269 billion email messages were sent daily. Get insights about email marketing trends for ecommerce.
Email Marketing Statistics for E-commerce
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E-commerce businesses use different tools to boost their sales, including social media channels such as email marketing. Email marketing entails using emails to promote a business. It helps in reaching out to potential customers and at the same time developing relations with the existing customers.

Email marketing is used to:

  • Let customers know about a business’ product launches and updates
  • Send discounts to loyal customers
  • Send blog posts
  • Let customers know when they leave items in their online carts
  • Ask for reviews from customers after they make purchases
  • Send discounts during special occasions such as holidays

Its ability to be customized to engage readers and build relationships makes it one of the best tools that are used by e-commerce businesses. Being a vital tool in marketing, it is important, therefore, to track its stats and success that one may make the appropriate adjustments and improvements.

By understanding 2019 email marketing statistics, we will know how valuable email marketing is to a business.

Here are some of the 2019 email marketing statistics:

Emails messages sent daily

Billions of email messages are sent daily by different organizations, business, and companies to their different customers. According to Statistica 2019, in the year 2017, 269 billion email messages were sent daily. It is expected that by the year 2022, around 333 billion messages will be sent daily. This shows that email marketing is growing daily. Email marketing has proved itself as one of the growing and strong forms of communication. An email marketing campaign, therefore, has very great potential.

The Widespread Usage of Email

Email marketing is an opportunity we should not miss out because currently, it is serving more than half of the world population. In 2017, for example, global email users amounted to around 3.7 billion users. According to Statistica 2022, the figure is expected to grow to more than 4.3 billion users.

In case you do business in the developed nations and the developing countries, then most of your customers use emails. Even marketing helps you to reach your customers 24 hours daily regardless of the size of your business. Even if you run a small business, it is vital to use emails to reach out to your customers.

Business Growth

Currently, email marketing serves as the main driver in retaining customers for both small and large companies. Also, emails serve to attract customers to businesses. According to Emarsys, 2019, Emails have attracted 81% of customers for both small and midsize businesses (SMBS). At the same time, they have retained 80% of these businesses’ customers.

Although there has been this hype about Google ads, organic search, paid search, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, email marketing remains on top as far as customer’s retention and acquisition is concerned. This means that email marketing does not have a close competitor.

Open Rate

If you want to tell whether your email marketing strategies are working, then Open rates will tell you. Open rates show the number of people who open an email. The average rate at which Welcome emails are opened according to GetResponse 2019 is 82%. With such a high open-rate, you can use it as an advantage in growing your audience when you are building your email campaign. You can do this by, for example, slipping in some important information about your product or service that you would like your audience to be aware of in the welcome email you want to send to them.

Email Personalization

As we have earlier seen, the average open rate of Welcome emails is 82%. Personalization increases the open rate by 10%. This should, therefore, trigger you to customize your welcome emails by including individual customer’s names in greetings and subject lines. Or you can also personalize the businesses’ or companies’ names or a subject of interest.

Abandoned Cart Emails

An abandoned cart email is simply a follow-up email that you send to your customers or someone who added an item or items in their online cart, checked out some of the items and probably forgot to purchase some of the items. Many people have been found they add items in their online carts and later leave without purchasing the items. You can retrieve the customers to your business by sending them the abandoned cart emails. Omnisend 2019 showed that sending an abandoned cart email results in 23% of a customer coming back and making an order. This is good at perfecting and boosting your revenues.

Interactive Emails

It is vital to make sure that the emails you send to your customers are engaging. Interactive content other than regular newsletters is yielding better results. Adding videos and animations, for example, makes the customer get more interested in an email. According to Martech Advisors 2019, sliders, GIFs, collapsible menus and videos increase click rates by 300%.


As we have seen, over 4.3 billion users use emails, 260 billion email messages are sent daily; email plays a critical role in small businesses. The average open rate of welcome emails is 82%, ETC.

All businesses should, therefore, use email marketing as it boosts revenues.


Author: Evaldas Mockus

Evaldas Mockus is an Experienced Search Engine Optimization Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and Saas companies.