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The Importance of an Optimized Content Strategy on Social Media and Search

Achieving success in social media and organic search is not possible without an optimized content marketing strategy. This is something you need to accept if you don’t want to fail miserably. Basically, you just have to focus on creating an excellent content marketing strategy then search and social will naturally follow.

Before moving on, you need to understand what optimized content marketing strategy really is. It is simply having a good grasp of what your prospects and customers are looking for and delivering it to them with in an optimized manner with keyword phrases and everything. However, it doesn’t end there since the optimized content also needs to be delivered in a relevant and compelling manner. Content can mean one of several things including website content, blogs, case studies, white papers, press releases, how-to guides, news, etc.

An Optimized Content Marketing Strategy is Crucial

Some of the major Google algorithm changes are proof of the importance of optimized content marketing strategy when it comes to ranking in organic search and being considered relevant in social networks. One such algorithm change is the inclusion of social signals. The reason for this inclusion is the fact that social media and social networking are all about relationships which is closely connected to relevance which is ate the core of organic search. So, what does this mean to you? It simply means that your approach should be to distribute optimized content to your social networks and give your visitors all the opportunity possible to socialize and spread your content. You also need to work on building out your social networks by attracting more friends, followers, circles, etc.

Another major algorithm change is the Panda update which targeted low-quality backlinks. As long as you have a good optimized content marketing strategy approach, this update doesn’t affect you negatively. In fact, it may have had a huge positive effect on your rankings. Your approach should be to create and distribute fresh and high quality content. At the same time, you should optimize your content for the right keywords that your prospects are using.


The fundamentals of organic search optimization are still very important. This is because it will ensure that you have a strong technical website that can be easily crawled by search engine robots. However, you also need to focus on creating quality, consistent and optimized content then distribute it effectively through the top social networks.

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