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The Truth about Social Media

Social media is simply overwhelming and time-consuming PERIOD. However, social media can significantly improve any organization. In fact, social media is now a must-have for every online business. It is now a very important part of SEO. This is why social media is just too good to ignore.

Blogs, Facebook and Twitter: these are just some examples of places you should engage socially online. Again, it is simply overwhelming. The truth is that most companies cannot afford to have a person or team just for social media. However, the positive results usually pay for the cost of engaging in this endeavor. In terms SEO, social media is a great tool for improving rankings of your site and increasing traffic to your site.

Understanding Social Media

Truth about Social MediaPeople usually just give up saying that social media is just too difficult to understand. Do you have to engage or communicate (make a post) every hour, day or week? The answer is it depends on the platform you’re using and if there are any significant events to communicate about. There should be a separate social media strategy for each particular platform you are using. Also, you need to learn the positive attributes and negative attributes of each platform. Once you’ve understood the attributes of each platform, you will be able to create a specific strategy to use for each one.

Managing a Social Media Campaign

The way you manage your social media campaign depends mostly on the industry you’re in or your particular business. Not all organizations can afford to hire a social media expert. However, even a consultant or part-time social media expert can help a lot especially if you are really lacking in technical skills. When hiring is out of the question, research is the next best thing. You shouldn’t be afraid of social media, it isn’t really that complicated or difficult to understand. You might also be overlooking someone in your company who can do this job. Someone in marketing or in the IT department may be able to handle all your social media needs.


Social media isn’t really too difficult to understand. It is just plain time-consuming. However, there is a solution to every problem. You just have to find the best solution that works for your particular business. It may be hiring someone full or part time, it may be looking into available resources or it may be studying social media yourself. So what are you waiting for? It is time to look for that answer to your social media problem.

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